Switzerland: Cuckoo clocks, chocolates and ICOs?


Back in 2014, the Ethereum Foundation truly pioneered the Initial Coin Offering. At that time, it hatched its way through a dense jungle of jurisdictional uncertainty. Since, many ICO or TGE (Token Generation Event) sponsor teams have followed in its footsteps, using the Swiss Foundation as vehicle of choice.  In this post, we briefly examine whether there are good alternatives to the Swiss Foundation and why.
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Why Portugal has one of the most attractive residency options


Portugal’s has done some really smart things since its financial crisis that make it one of the most attractive residency options. Its “Non-Habitual Residency” programme makes it the only jurisdiction in the E.U. with territorial taxation, and does not require residents to spend a minimum amount of days per year in Portugal. Combined with how it treats gains from crypto-currency trading, we wanted to take a closer look.
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Why the Curaçao Private Foundation is an essential freedom tool

The Curaçao Private Foundation (also known as “SPF” or “Stichting Particulier Fonds” in Dutch) is a private foundation that was introduced to offer an alternative to the Anglo Saxon Trust. In this post, we explain why its minimum of formalities, its flexibility and its privacy make the SPF an essential freedom tool, and why it offers an attractive alternative to the Swiss Foundation to use in an ICO or TGE.
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