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Turning the Swiss Association into a DAO: An Alternative to Foundations?

The Swiss do love their paperwork…(From”Asterix in Switzerland”, own archive) Many crypto projects have set up Swiss Foundations, including Ethereum …

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OtoCo April Update and Walkthrough

As we’re gearing up towards adding paid plug-ins to OtoCo entities, such as EINs and bank account openings, we first …

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Money Without Memory: Why Censorship Resistance and Financial Privacy Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

For crypto currencies to become global, state-free money, we have to win the fight against increasing financial deanonymization, even if …

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Put Your Money Where Your Vote Is: Introducing “Launch Pools”

Launch pools have the potential to turn capital formation on its head by letting the community stake in a refundable …

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¡Participalismo o Muerte! Part I: Meet Blockchain, Capitalism’s Rebel Child

VANCOUVER, 16 September 2020 — In this first of two posts, we share why we believe the next decades will …

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From Community to Country: A Strategy Towards The First Digital Nation on Blockchain

How to innovate the Nation State and build a Minimal Viable Product of a new country? In this post, we …

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