In the Beginning, There Was Incorporation

Otonomos helps the crypto community form offchain and onchain legal entities
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<div class="pfolio-title">BVI IBC</div><div class="pfolio-claim">As holding or special purpose vehicle</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$1,249</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

As holding or special purpose vehicle
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Holding, STO/TGE, Asset Protection, Tax Optimized

<div class="pfolio-title">Delaware C-Corp</div><div class="pfolio-claim">The gold standard for U.S. tech cos</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$249</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Delaware C-Corp
The gold standard for U.S. tech cos
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Startup, Blockchain-ready, Get VC-funded, Banking

<div class="pfolio-title">Cayman ELC</div><div class="pfolio-claim">As holding or as investment fund</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$1,249</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Cayman ELC
As holding or as investment fund
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Investment Fund, STO/TGE, Tax Optimized, Holding

<div class="pfolio-title">Curaçao Foundation</div><div class="pfolio-claim">More flexible than a Swiss Foundation</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$2,449</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Curaçao Foundation
More flexible than a Swiss Foundation
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Holding, Privacy, STO/TGE, Asset Protection, Tax Optimized

<div class="pfolio-title">Hong Kong Ltd</div><div class="pfolio-claim">Freedom to entrepreneur with low tax</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$249</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Hong Kong Ltd
Freedom to entrepreneur with low tax
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Startup, OpCo, Digital Goods, Tax Optimized

<div class="pfolio-title">Malta Limited</div><div class="pfolio-claim">Crypto games, gambling or exchanges</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$1,980</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Malta Limited
Crypto games, gambling or exchanges
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Tax Optimized, STO/TGE, Holding, Asset Protection, Privacy

<div class="pfolio-title">Singapore Pte Ltd</div><div class="pfolio-claim">Good as OpCo or for token issuance</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$249</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Singapore Pte Ltd
Good as OpCo or for token issuance
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Residency, OpCo, Startup, Tax Optimized, Banking

<div class="pfolio-title">Swiss GmbH (Zug)</div><div class="pfolio-claim">Prestige and privacy in Crypto Valley</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$6,000</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Swiss GmbH (Zug)
Prestige and privacy in Crypto Valley
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Tax Optimized, Privacy, STO/TGE, Banking, Opco

<div class="pfolio-title">Wyoming LLC</div><div class="pfolio-claim">Best for digital goods sales outside US</div><div class="pfolio-price">US$149</div><div class="pfolio-order">Order online now →</div>

Wyoming LLC
Best for digital goods sales outside US
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Digital Goods, Tax Optimized, Privacy, Banking, Blockchain-ready

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Incorporate an LLC in Delaware within seconds

Otoco, our new product, is set to launch on the Ethereum Mainnet in 1Q2020. Otoco will let you form a company in 5 seconds for the price of a coffee.

Easy to use

We let you do everything online whilst we take care of the offline, including local filing requirements in Delaware and Wyoming.

Aware Shares™

We go beyond tokenizing your equity and make shares aware of governance logic, compliance requirements and securities regs.

Web3 Ready

Connect your hardware wallet and manage your shareholdings and voting the same way you manage any other ERC20 token holding.

Fastidious about privacy

From our online order process to how stockholder details are kept, we keep your private company truly private.

Works in the real world!

We combine blockchain’s power as a ledger to track and manage ownership with legal validity of all your onchain transactions in the real world.

Open-sourced smart contracts

Use community-developed smart contract solutions for everything you need to manage and govern your company.


Now everybody can be the 1%

We believe everybody can be the 1% in the new decentralized economy.

We use smart contracts on blockchain to make it possible for anyone around the world to form a company, offer its shares as tokens, and automate its governance.

Thanks to Otonomos, now you have the freedom to roam jurisdictions previously only available to the privileged few, and at much lower cost.